Savor Maine

Calling all bartenders, bakers, chefs, professional cooks, ice cream makers and creatives that work in the food industry. Green Gean's is a freeze drying consultant for your new seasonal menu.  Together we will stop throwing away produce while making your special drink or dish even better. It’s time for a sweet awakening.

Green Gean’s freeze dries your choice of local produce and packages based on your work dynamics. Green Gean’s communicates directly with Maine farmers and gardeners because using what's available for the season just makes sense. 

Are you interested in blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and peaches?  Would you like to prolong the shelf life of heirloom tomatoes?  Want to be the trendsetter in the neighborhood?  Do you want to experience new textures with lots of natural flavor?

Trailblazers this way


Green Gean's LLC was created by Gina Mannarino.  Gina is your go-to gal for freeze dried food, she is the worker bee behind the biz!  Green Gean’s freeze dries for a cause, supporting local Maine farms.  Green Gean’s home base is located at Tripping Gnome Farm in Freeport, Maine.  

Green Gean’s mission is to choose the best produce in Maine for freeze drying, prolong its shelf life and help you make a statement. Most of the produce chosen to be in Green Gean's example products are organically grown; some of the farms are certified organic and some are not.  Organic certifications are expensive — often too expensive for an independent farmer to be able to afford. We choose to buy local. We are constantly learning from farmers to understand the techniques used and share those findings with you.

Find interesting Q&As with farmers, gardeners, and harvesters in the The Current Food Briefing.  You can learn who our neighbors are and what is going on with their food.