Savor Maine

Discover collaborative freeze-drying services that preserve your items responsibly.

Extend the shelf life of your food, retain its valuable nutrients, reduce food waste, enjoy the lightweight portability, easy rehydration, preserved flavor, and convenient use in various settings.

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Begin by choosing the desired produce or ingredients
for freeze-drying. You can collaborate with our knowledgeable team to make informed decisions based on your preferences and requirements. We can help you identify items that you may already be growing abundantly or fresh food that has been underutilized.  


Through a precise process that involves freezing at low temperatures and sublimation in our controlled environment within our commercial kitchen in Freeport, Maine, we ensure the highest quality retention of flavors, textures, and nutritional value.


We offer customizable packaging options tailored to
your specific needs and preferences. Working closely with you, our team will
determine the ideal packaging based on factors such as portion sizes, convenience, and desired shelf life. Our packaging choices are designed to protect the integrity of the freeze-dried products, ensuring their freshness and quality during storage and transportation.

Can Green Gean's Save the Planet?

It is our hope.

At Green Gean's, we take pride in our in-depth understanding and utilization of cutting-edge technology in the freeze-drying process, which goes beyond convenience to provide significant
benefits to chefs, farms, and harvesters alike.

For farms and harvesters, freeze-drying provides a practical solution to preserve perishable produce. By removing moisture from fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, freeze-drying extends their shelf life without compromising their nutritional value or taste. This means that farms can efficiently store and transport their products without the risk of spoilage. Harvesters can also benefit from freeze-drying by preserving excess or seasonal produce, reducing waste, and maximizing their crop utilization.
For chefs, freeze-dried foods offer unparalleled convenience in meal preparation. With our freeze-dried services, chefs can easily access a wide variety of ingredients that are pre-cut, pre-measured, and ready to use. This saves valuable time in the kitchen, allowing chefs to focus on their culinary creativity and streamline their cooking processes. Moreover, freeze-dried ingredients retain their shape, texture, and flavor, ensuring consistent quality and enhancing the overall presentation of dishes.